Commercial Retouching is mainly used by lots of internet shops, auctions and other organizations, who use graphics in their every day business.

     It is not a secret that sensitive photo cameras usually see what our eye does not. Thus, even beautiful items can look badly on a photo. We just help people to see the look more closely to reality.

What we do?

  • Light and color correction;
  • Removing scratches, noise, camera matrix defects;
  • Changing background according to customers’ requirements;
  • Add lens effects, shine and brilliance;
  • Adjusting gems to make the look more real;
  • Any other work on customers’ demand.

    Art Retouching type of retouching is mainly used by magazines, photographers, web designers and just private persons. If you own a magazine, we can help you to make illustrations look perfect. If you have old scratched photos, we can give them a second life. Any photos even beautiful ones can be more attractive and artistic.

What we do?

  • Removing scratches, noise, camera matrix defects;
  • Removing face and skin defects;
  • Body shape correction;
  • Lights and color adjusting;
  • Restoration of any kind of old photos;
  • Manipulation (creating a picture from pieces of different photos).

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